Open Source Work

D3 tools:

D3 Nelson Rules

A D3 plugin that checks if data bound to an object matches any of Nelson Rules of processes control.

D3 Process Control

A utility that supports d3-nelson-rules.

D3 Geohash Grid

A chart that is designed to display information retrieved from an elasticsearch geohash grid aggregation. No setup or configuration required.

Job processing:


Forerunner is a distributed job queue framework. It consists of a central job queue and a pool of workers that can be configured to take on a wide variety of jobs. Workers can be spun up and down independent of the manager, allowing your platform to meet your specific demands.

Data parsing:


blindparser is a RSS/ATOM feed parser that returns the requested feed urls in a json object that is formatted so that you will not have to worry (much) about the format of the requested feed.

Logging / mangement:


outrider logger is wrapper over bunyan to allow for easy log management inside of projects that consist of several in house libraries. This library makes sure that logs both end up in the right place and are delivered with necessary meta information.

PG Error Parser

A micro-module to make sense of error messages in postgresql. Works well with the pg and outrider modules.